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Magnify Announces Public Launch of Platform

April 26, 2023


MAGNIFY creates a new category of enterprise software called Customer Lifecycle Automation with the public launch of their platform; brings AI, automation, and cost-savings to user adoption.

BELLEVUE, WA & BEND, OR – April 26, 2023 – Magnify, a software company founded in late 2021 to transform the enterprise software experience, announced today the public launch of their platform to automate the customer lifecycle.

The Magnify Platform solves a massive problem for enterprise software companies.   There is no way to manage the entire user lifecycle at scale, which creates real challenges for the economics of post-sales. Customer Success and Product Growth teams are heroically using manual processes across disconnected systems to help their users, but it just doesn’t scale. Magnify solves that by creating the first end-to-end solution to comprehensively help customer teams drive adoption at the user level while improving the cost structure of post-sales.” said Joshua Crossman, CEO and founder of Magnify.

Magnify has been working with some of the most sophisticated Customer Success and Product Growth teams in the industry over the past year.  Customer-facing teams have been incredibly excited about what Magnify has built, calling it “a game-changer” and “transformative”.  Ryan Reynolds, Director of CS at Vista Equity Partners says “Magnify creates scale, speed, agility— without increasing headcount. It should be essential for any customer-facing team”.

As part of the launch, Magnify announced the creation of a new software category, called Customer Lifecycle Automation, which has three essential elements:

  1. An integrated understanding of user behavior across all your systems
  2. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) to identify the reasons why users and accounts convert, churn, and expand
  3. Automatic, personalized, and targeted digital touch with every user and account to improve engagement based on the AI/ML insights

Magnify is the first platform to combine all three of these components into one solution.    Magnify integrates all customer-facing systems, uses AI to understand what drives churn and expansion, and then automatically engages with each user in product, email, chat, and more to drive adoption, all using existing tools.   Magnify supports dozens of integrations, including Salesforce, Gainsight, Pendo, Marketo, Zendesk, Slack, Snowflake and more with a no-code interface.

To find out more about Customer Lifecycle Automation and how it can transform the economics of Customer Success, read Magnify’s white paper describing the new software category and it’s ability to transform the economics of Customer Success.

About Magnify

Magnify is a venture backed software company with offices in Bellevue, WA; Bend, OR; and Belfast, Northern Ireland.   Magnify is transforming the customer lifecycle in enterprise software, and is backed by Madrona Venture Group, Decibel Partners, and several PNW SaaS executives.  Magnify was founded in 2021 by Joshua Crossman, an experienced software senior exec who has led large global teams at multiple software companies, as well as spending almost a decade at McKinsey.  Magnify is continuing to build its team, particularly in engineering and data science.  For more information on Magnify, please visit